Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) for ADF Spouses

Partner Employment Assistance Program for Recognised Australian Military Spouses

Being a former military spouse, I get it. You need to move every 2-3 years and sometimes you've changed industries, jobs, professions and directions more than you care to remember. It is a unique lifestyle, and it's important to convey the benefit and value of hiring an ADF Spouse - you're resilient, you're strong, you're adaptable and can work well under pressure. 

If you're wondering what I'm talking about - let me show you.

The Defence Community Organisation offer a Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP), providing funding towards initiatives to assist ADF partners with the difficulties of finding employment when the member is relocated on posting or medically transitioning.

Eligible partners of ADF personnel can apply for up to $1500 funding to access the following employment-related initiatives:

  • Mandatory fees for professional re-registration required under legislation
  • Professional employment services:
    • Development of a personalised resume and/or resume coaching
    • Identification of transferrable skills
    • Employment options and job placement advice
    • Job search techniques and strategies
    • Development of an online employment profile
    • Application and selection criteria coaching
    • Preparation and presentation coaching for interviews

Clothier Careers has assisted dozens of PEAP recipients over the years with their job application documents, coaching and consultancy. Being a former defence spouse, I understand the challenges of an interrupted career and the need to find employment every posting round. I also understand the delays that can occur when accessing services funded by government organisations - which is why Clothier Careers will deliver your services on receipt of your approval, and won't make you wait until payment is made. (phew!)

Please note: Clothier Careers is in no way affiliated with DCO or the Partner Employment Assistance Program - I am simply a writer who understands your lifestyle and unique challenges that come along with it, and have amended my business processes to be convenient for PEAP applicants. 

For more information about Defence Community Organisation and how to apply for the PEAP, please click here:

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